MB & Hager Group Partnership

MB is in partnership with Hager since 1982, and today MB is the largest distributor for Hager Group products in the Middle East.

About Hager

With over 8000 dedicated employees worldwide, and an innovative, carefully structured product range, Hager is one of the leading international manufacturers of electrical distribution systems.

Hager has several manufacturing sites in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK and has an established marketing network throughout the world, serviced by Hager subsidiary companies.

In October 2009, Hager celebrated a decade of successful operations in the Middle East


Hager products are available in over 60 countries throughout the world and benefit from a heavy investment in R&D and from rigorous quality control procedures at all stages of manufacture. This has resulted in the company achieving registration to ISO9001.

Hager products are approved by all relevant Standard Bodies and the ongoing process of harmonisation of European and International Standards, coupled with the Hager ‘partnership’ business philosophy will ensure continuing success in our global marketing strategy.

MB & HHI Partnership

MB is in partnership with Hyundai Heavy Industries HHI since 2006, and today MB is the largest distributor for HHI low voltage products in Africa.

About Hyundai

Hyundai Heavy Industries was founded in 1972 as a public limited company. There are about 35,000 employees in Hyundai Heavy Industries and they have 87 million meter square, about 2,000 acres of factory site.

Hyundai Heavy Industries headquarter and main factory is located in Ulsan, the city which is near the sea where the group started with their ship building business. And there’s sales office in Seoul, the capital of Korea.

Financial statement

HHI’s annual sales in 2010 are twenty one billion dollars and the estimated sales in 2011 are twenty five billion dollars.

And in case of Electro Electric Systems Division, annual sales in 2010 are three point two billion dollars and the estimated sales in 2011 is four point five billion dollars.

HHI LV & MV Circuit Breakers

Their circuit breakers can cover a wide array from Medium Voltage with Vacuum Circuit Breaker, to Low Voltage by ACB, MCCB, MCB and so on.

Their Circuit Breakers are certified by various international standards, to meet their customer’s demand all over the world.

Their group is concentrating its technology and investment in circuit breakers, and they certified their breaker’s quality as they supply various critical customers such as nuclear plants, hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants and so on.

As like switchgear, Their circuit breakers are also used for switchgears in their ships which clarifies their circuit breakers are strong for marine purposes too.

MB & Samwha Partnership

MB is in partnership with Samwha since 1996.

About Samwha

Samwha EOCR ltd. is one of the largest motor protection relay manufacturing companies in Korea, which was found in 1981 by Doctor Kim and affiliated with Schneider Electric (Multinational Electric Company of France) in order to be developed as a strategic and global enterprise in 2001.


After being awarded the presidential prize for the national invention fair 1985, Samwha (EOCR) received several awards from governmental institutions, starting with Electronic Over Current Relay (SS type), they have developed and provided 3000 kinds of solutions to their customers who have diverse demand for their each facility with the best quality products in every field all over the world.

They have provided the EOCR to the diverse customers over the 40 countries and expanded the sales and service network into 190 countries.
They are excelling in achieving maximum customer satisfaction on designs, stability of the process, quality and the reliability of products, and fast P/S and A/S on the foundation of venture spirit and dedication of their staffs.

They’ve setup an efficient quality managing system under ISO9001 from 1995 and also introduced advanced 6 sigma method on the overall system in a way to reach this goal.

Samwha (EOCR) ltd. provide Electronic Protection Relay in addition to focusing on customer and reliability of their products to the industrial field through their high level of technology, products and innovative service.