Power Contactors

Contactor series employ a modular design which allows quick and simple mounting of auxiliary contact blocks, timers, mechanical latching blocks, etc.It provides convenience, economic benefit and high reliability.

  • According to IEC60947-4-1
  • Approvals: CCC, CE, UL
  • DIN rail or screw mounted
  • Double contacts auxiliary
  • High grade of coil insulation
  • Rated current: 7A to 800A
  • Main pole: 3 & 4 Poles
  • Utilization category: AC1 , AC3 & AC
  • Accessories: Thermal overload relay, auxiliary contacts, surge suppressor, mechanical interlock and capacitor switching unit.

Silent Contactor

For the remote switching and control of power circuits [25-63] A (AC1).

Override Contactors

Manual override facility allows temporary override, with automatic return at next coil energisation.

Control Relays

Auxiliary Relay


To provide control of low power circuits max 16A; associated with switches, time switches etc for remote control applications.

Latching Relay

Latching relays – operate when impulsed by a signal voltage. The impulse can be provided via a pushbutton or pushswitch. The first pulse operates the relay and latches it to its set (opposite) state, the next operation of the pushbutton returns the relay to its reset (original) state.


Delay Timers

To control a variety of processes where the requirement is for switching circuits on, off or delaying the on or off switching for a pre-set period of time. Typical device types are…

  • Delay on  Timers
  • Delay off – Timers
  • Adjustable time on  Timers
  • Multifunction Timers

Time Switches

  • Electromechanical & Digital
  • Daily, weekly & Annual Versions
  • 5 Years Battery

Stairs Timers

To provide control of lighting circuits with automatic switch-off after a pre-set time.

  • Adjustable time delay setting 30 sec. to 10 minutes
  • Compact design
  • Supply Voltage : 220VAC

Astronomical Timers

Astronomical time switches are electronic weekly programming clocks designed to control various loads automatically according to sunrise and sunset times.

The range offers the following features:

  • Programming of the lighting interruption
  • Automatic change of winter / summer time
  • Astro program and expert program with individual Astro program steps
  • Programming for day or group of days (same concept as other clocks with key)
  • Weekly programming
  • Permanent override
  • Temporary overrides
  • Programming of holiday period
  • Programming via the PC software and the associated interface


Push Buttons

Grown from our traditional core competence, we offer a comprehensive range of fuse-links according to IEC/DIN standards for low-voltage and medium-voltage applications. Our innovative high-tech products protect people and investments and ensure maximum availability.

  • Impulse Pushbuttons
  • Latching Pushbuttons
  • With \ without indicator light
  • Din Rail Mounting


  • 3-Position
  • Ammeter Selector
  • Voltmeter Selector
  • Lockable Rotary Switch

Indicator Lights

Indicator Lights


  • DIN rail mountable
  • 220, 12/48 Volt
  • Single, Double & Triple Indicators
  • Comply to BS EN 62094-1