Motion Detectors

Created for the automatic control of lighting in both residential and private/public industry sectors. They automatically switch on lighting when movement is detected and turn off the circuit after the preset duration. Bringing comfort and enhanced security for interior and exterior accesses to residential homes and garages, they also provide significant savings in lighting power consumption by illuminating only when necessary.

  • Time, lux and sensitivity are achieved locally, via potentiometers. It’s also possible to set the detectors with an IR remote control which provides speed and convenience when setting final adjustments.
  • Detection angel  up to 360°
  • Detectors can be mounted in corners utilizing the relevant corner mounting accessory.
  • IP55 for outdoor detectors
  • Surface mounted or flush fitting for indoor detectors.

Presence detectors

Presence Detectors are ideal for controlling lighting in office spaces as they detect large movements and also smaller finite movements, such as people working at a desk. When the area is left unoccupied, the lighting will be switched off, minimising the energy usage of the area.

High performance presence detectors are suitable for use in residential and commercial premises where they increase comfort and reduce the energy costs drastically. The combination of presence and motion detection area is especially useful in offices, where the motion area may be used in long corridors.

  • Flush & Semi Recess Mount
  • Direct control of a light load or used as a slave for detection area enlargement.
  • Lux level and ON delay setting via potentiometers or Remote control
  • Test mode in order to set lux level and the detection pattern.

Smoke detectors

  • The smoke detector brings you more security in residential, offices or small commercial premises. Since the sensor and the smoke detection are working in dependently of each other, the device ensures a high level of reliability.
  • The battery status is constantly monitored. If the battery is weak, the smoke detector triggers an alarm visually as well as an audible beep.


Twilight switches

A photo-electric cell measures the light level and in conjunction with the relay provides ON / OFF control of a circuit based on user settings.

  • Daily & Weekly Cycle
  • Supply Voltage AC & DC
  • With & without battery reserve
  • Manual override.


  • Dimmers are available for dimming of all types light sources; incandescent, LV and VLV halogen, fluorescent with electronic ballast.
  • Din-Rail Mounting
  • Dimmer with/without  Display
  • Dimmers are conform to standards :EN 50081-1, EN 50082-1, CEI 669-1, CEI 669-2-