Invicta TPN Final DBs


Hager has developed the new Invicta Type B boards as a solution for modern residential, commercial and industrial installations.

The whole nature of electrical sub and final distribution for commercial installations has changed in the last few years. Typically there are more outgoings ways, more RCBOs and/ or RCD protection, more metering and more control devices.

Hager decided that it was time to design a board that meets the needs of the current installations, not those of the past. Our new range Type B boards make it easier for you to design and install electrical distribution systems that meet the needs of today and the future.

The Advantages for you:

  • ASTA certified insulated tinned cupper busbar assembly
  • Easy to install
  • Reversible door.
  • Removable pre punched top & bottom gland plate.
  • Sufficient wiring spaces.

Technical data:

  • Standard BSEN 60439 -1&3
  • 1.2 mm thickness sheet steel with epoxy powder coating in RAL 9002
  • IP41
  • 4 to 24  outgoing ways (way =3 Poles)
  • Rated S.C withstand for busbars 20 KA at 415V
  • Flush & Surface mounted available
  • Top tap off for board extensions for MCBs up to 125A
  • Accessories like key lock, DIN rail extension boxes, etc.

A – Invicta TPN 125 type B distribution board

  • Busbar rating 125A
  • With fixed & split busbar available
  • 9 modules cutout for fixed load.
  • 13modules cutout for split load
  • 125A incoming & up to 63A outgoing
  • Suitable for modular & non modular incomers and modular outgoings.

B – Invicta TPN 250 type B distribution board:

  • Busbar rating 250A
  • Incomer cutout width: 13mod.
  • 250A incoming & up to 63A outgoing
  • Suitable for non modular incomers and modular outgoings