Sub-Main Distribution Board (SMDB)


  • UP to 800A
  • Capacity from [2] Ways
  • Surface & Flush mounted
  • Suitable for MCCBs incomers & outgoings
  • Hager SMDB Enclosures

The last few years have seen a major change in the design and installation of commercial electrical distribution systems. The panel board is at the heart of such a system, whether acting as the main incoming board or as part of the sub distribution.

The Advantages for you:

  • Nice ,Aesthetic & Versatile design Easy to install
  • Optimal cabling space
  • Full door
  • Earth and neutral bars are positioned for easier cabling.

Technical data:

  • Standard BSEN 60439 -1&3
  • ASTA certified insulated tinned cupper busbar assembly
  • IP41
  • 1.5 mm thickness sheet steel with Epoxy powder coating in RAL 9002
  • Suitable for MCCBs incomers and outgoings.
  • Surface mounted
  • Top tap off for board extensions for MCBs up to 125A
  • Meterable & Non meterable versions available
  • Option for installing CTs in meterable versions.
  • Removable top and bottom gland plates
  • Accessories like key lock, DIN rail extension boxes, etc.

A- Invicta 250A busbar panel board

  • Rated S.C withstand for busbars 25 KA at 415V
  • 250A (MCCB x250 frame) incoming, 125A(MCCB x160 frame) outgoing

B- Invicta 400A busbar panel board

  • Rated S.C withstand for busbars 35 KA at 415V
  • Have two types
  • 400A (MCCB h400) incoming, 125A (MCCB x160) outgoing
  • 400A (MCCB h400) incoming, 125A (MCCB x160) +250A (MCCB x250) outgoing